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The Cyber AB is the official accreditation body of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Ecosystem and the sole authorized non-governmental partner of the U.S. Department of Defense in implementing and overseeing the CMMC conformance regime.

Founded in January 2020 as The CMMC Accreditation Body, Inc., The Cyber AB is a Maryland-based, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  We exist to further the successful implementation of CMMC within the Defense Industrial Base in order to reduce digital risk to DoD's supply chains and contractor support infrastructure.

The Cyber AB does not receive any funding from the Department of Defense, nor any other governmental taxpayer resources. Our contract with DoD is a "no cost" contract, and our primary sources of revenue are the application and renewal fees that we receive from participants within the CMMC Ecosystem.

In short, the primary mission of The Cyber AB is to authorize and accredit the CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs) that conduct CMMC Assessments of companies within the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).  As CMMC is being brought into full operational status, however, our roles and responsibilities have been more expansive than just that.

Currently, The Cyber AB also manages the professional certification and training aspects of the CMMC Ecosystem, working with our partners to develop the curricula and examination protocols for CMMC Assessors and CMMC Instructors. This responsibility, however, will soon be "spun-out" from The Cyber AB as the Cybersecurity Assessor and Instructor Certification Organization (CAICO), which will become its own separate legal entity.


The Cyber AB is operated by a full-time professional staff that is accountable to, and overseen by, the organization's Board of Directors.  Members of the Board serve in a voluntary, uncompensated capacity.  The Cyber AB's support to CMMC is through a direct contract with the CMMC Program Management Officer (PMO) within the Department of Defense.

Board of Directors

Jeff Dalton - Chairman

Paul Michaels - Vice Chairman

Sheryl Hanchar - Secretary

Akin Akinbosoye - Director

Wayne Boline - Chair, Ethics Committee

Yong-Gon "YG" Chon - Chair, Compensation Committee

Mathew Newfield - Chair, Audit And Risk Committee & Chair, Governance Committee

Clifton Poole - Chair, Nominations Committee

Matthew Travis - Director & Chief Executive Officer

Advisory Groups

Industry Advisory Group (IAG)

The IAG is an independent consortium of leaders and subject matter experts representing a diverse cross-section of DIB companies within the CMMC ecosystem. The IAG works solely in an advisory capacity around the industry's latest concepts, methods, best practices, innovations, and ideas related to the Cyber AB’s mission.

As noted experts in the cybersecurity industry, many IAG members are CISOs in large, complex organizations. Many regularly present at professional forums on leading cybersecurity issues. They also provide practical insights that strengthen implementation of CMMC program requirements and program direction. Members include experts who can advise on resources, critical field information and ongoing support opportunities.

IAG’s activities are public and transparent. They lead workgroups around relevant topics such as how primary contractors can work with sub-contractors to adopt CMMC, insights about successes and challenges when a company implements CMMC requirements, funding, and ways to support smaller DIB companies in the ecosystem.

Academic Advisory Council (AAC)

The AAC is an independent consortium of leaders and subject matter experts representing a diverse cross-section of academic institutions within the CMMC ecosystem. The AAC works solely in an advisory capacity regarding academia’s latest concepts, methods, best practices, innovations, and ideas related to the Cyber AB’s mission.

The Academic Advisory Council was chartered to assist in two critical areas:

  1. Advise the Cyber AB in developing effective and accessible curricula for training and educational development of the CMMC professions
  2. Collaborate with the Cyber AB to assist institutes of higher education that support the DoD in understanding how best to pursue and achieve CMMC certification in a university environment

AAC’s activities are public and transparent. Their advice strengthens the Cyber AB’s program direction, as AAC members share resources, research, and educational opportunities. They support formation of topical focus groups, and provide insights on cybersecurity innovations and exam criteria for various CMMC certified professions.

Contact Information

Mailing Address

137 National Plaza, Suite 300

National Harbor, MD 20745-1153



+1 (888) 807-1799